Friggy Music is currently considering unsolicited submissions. However, we are extremely selective in our choices of music and who we work with. Submissions can be a song, instrumental or lyrics. We are primarily interested in Pop, RnB, Reggae, HipHop and Alternative Rock materials, but we will consider other types of music as well. If you’d like to be considered, please keep in mind that you must own 100% of the copyright of all work submitted and the master rights to the recording.

Submission Guidelines and Rules:

  • Audio file should be in MP3 format of 15MB or less.
  • Lyric sheet should be in TXT, DOC or RTF format.
  • Audio recording should have good sound quality.
  • If your work have vocals, make sure it is clear and up front in the mix.
  • Please avoid sending us a snippet or a song with a long intro.
  • Do not upload any sampled material or remixes.
  • Do not upload material that you do not own the copyright to.
  • Do not upload music that you did not create or do not have explicit written permission to use.

Any information submitted via this form is for Friggy Music's internal screening purposes only! This information will NOT be visible on the Friggy Music site, unless you are selected by our staff to become part of Friggy Music. If selected, you will be contacted and provided with complete instructions and forms. Entries that have information which is assumed to be false, will be ignored.

Please Note: It is extremely important that you review all your information for spelling and informational errors before submitting. 



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